Monday, June 20, 2011

Social SeaWife Check-in

Socializing with immediate family does not count. Though they are wonderful and a very important part of my life, family sometimes have a tendency to leave us all exhausted, don't they?
So, here's my Social SeaWife recap for the past week:
Tuesday - No socialization.
Wednesday - No socialization
Thursday - Got a babysitter and had dinner out with MIL, SIL and a friend. Good time, great food, but being with family doesn't always give you the outlet you need.
Friday - went to playgroup, met new "mom" who lives in the area and her husband is military and away much of the time. Super hopeful that she and I could become friends.
Saturday - Visited with Aunt and Cousin in a place I've never been before. Points deducted for hanging with family, but points regained for getting out of the house with both kids and dog and going on an adventure to a new place. ( It was a not-yet occupied kids summer camp on a lake and it was SO fun!)
Sunday - Dragged a Mommy friend to a 5k. Had a great time, walked 5k, ate a hotdog, listened to live music (ok, so it was kids music).
Monday - No socialization

Not bad for my first week really putting effort in. Now, to keep the momentum going. More dinner plans this week with non-family members.

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