Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Numbers

I have been avoiding this for quite some time because I know I will not like the results. Also, because I know there are many families whose numbers look "worse".
In the past 180 days (six months) SeaHusband has been at home 40 days.
It's true that he has had much more time than that "off" his ship, but for much of the "off" time there is required training that takes him away from home.
We were fortunate these past 6 months to have the opportunity to travel with him on two occasions while he was training.("We" meaning myself, the two-year old, and the baby.) Though not exactly a relaxing vacation, it did mean we could eat dinner with him every night and breakfast together every morning which adds an additional 21 days of time spent together.
So, 61 out of 180 days. That's not too bad. I wish I knew where military wives find the strength to say goodbye for much longer than I have ever had to.

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