Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Winds Blow

The fall winds are blowing the leaves off the trees here in New Hampshire. It's absolutely beautiful to see the swirls of bright yellow, gold, fiery orange, red and brown mixed up and dancing around to the rhythm of warm southerly wind. The windows are open, though we replaced the screen door with glass today. We also called the oil company to set up delivery for the coming winter and we talked about finances for the next four weeks.

He is leaving tomorrow. Heading to Panama this time. It's been a short three weeks that he's been home this time; too short. For some reason three weeks is just not long enough... it's like a long school vacation, an extended absence from work, or a brief tour through a foreign country. It's not long enough. However, LAST hitch he was home for five weeks... so that is the trade off. I took part of the day off today to spend time with him. We didn't do anything too special... just to be near each other for a few more hours. I'm not choking up. I can't allow my self to feel sad. This is not tragic. There are millions of things in this world that are tragic but this is not. This is not tragic. This is a common cold among cancer. This a paper cut next to a lost limb. I will bring him to the airport tomorrow and he will be back in 28 days.