Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 1

Day 1.

Today he left for a 28 day hitch. New ship, new company, new crew and new hope for a good working environment. We call it a hitch not a deployment because we are Merchant Mariners.

Today I feel relaxed, confidant, like a good Seawife battening down the hatches while my husband will be away for a few weeks. I went to work, made phone calls to the realtor, bank and insurance offices (we're about to buy our first house). After work I took the dog for a more than adequate 40 minutes of playtime at the park then went to yoga (Bikram of course). The dog needed a good hosing off in the dark when we got home - it is mud season here in New England.

A good day, a good start to a hitch. No anxiety, no tears, a good Seawife.