Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dear Husband at Sea

I wrote this to him in an e-mail tonight. Things have been going pretty well, but sometimes we all have bad days. He called tonight because it was his Dad's birthday, and his Dad's health is... well, not so good. I detected a hint of sadness in his voice over the satphone and it nearly broke my heart, so I wrote him this:

"Do not be sad that you are not here, for you are at sea supporting your family. Who wants to be another nine-to-five guy, that's not your style, not your groove. I know this has been a rough hitch, because you were not home long enough last time, you know it too. This is just our life baby, it's what we've chosen to do. I'm trying my best to stand tall and be tough, but when I hear your voice waver, I falter too. My tough skin exists only if yours is tough too. Your family loves you, and misses you so much, but at least when you are home you are HERE and not somewhere far away and out of touch. I know it's hard babe, I've worked on ships too, but enjoy your adventures for someday you will yearn for them again. Hop fully the sadness I heard in your voice was just a passing mood, a brief fall from grace. "

Passion is something we must all be thankfull for. I don't subscribe to any particular religion, but I thank GOD every night to have a husband so strong and so passionate.