Thursday, August 16, 2012

Greener Less Than Thou

Here's some things I do that are not so  Eco- Friendly:

Use Miracle Grow.  Though I use it ONLY on my potted plants I know it is still very bad. Every drip that runs over the pot and ends up in the soil. 

Purchase Individually Wrapped Cheese Sticks.  What can I say, they are just too easy for kids lunches and snacks.  But, every time I pull that little plastic wrapper off I can't help but imagine how long it's going to be in a landfill. 

On the bright side I try to offset my eco-violations with these ideas:

PIMP YOUR SWIFFER.   (you know you want to click on that) 

Compost.   For me it's less about creating beautiful usable soil, and more about saving space in the kitchen garbage bag.  Just think, if you threw NO food scraps into the garbage AND recycled paper, glass and plastic - how much less would your home be contributing to the local landfill?

Share with me, let's make each other better people.  What alternatives can you offer to my eco-violations and what actions do you suggest I try to be a more earth friendly household?


Bridget said...

Separating household organic matter and giving it back to the earth is HUGE! It seems like such a logical thing to do- even if you just end up putting the resulting compost in the woods or on your grass. Why sequester it in a land-fill wrapped in plastic when it could be merrily breaking down and re-incorporated into the soil?

Mixing/layering/alternating "green" (nitrogen based)- house hold organic matter and "brown" (carbon based) - leaves, finely chipped bark and branches, is the simple composting miracle. Worms love it and it does NOT even smell.

And how much cleaner it keeps the rest of the "trash" in the home! Between composting, recycling plastic, cardboard, glass et al, we don't even use/need a plastic trash bag (dump the bin directly into the large pay-per-throw bag outside) and it gets emptied about once a month. Even with washing and reusing plastic bags (I keep a stash in my marketing basket and canvas bags), wraps etc. seem to make up the bulk of our trash.

So congrats for gifting your organic matter back to the soil. Mother Earth I'm sure is smiling down upon you! Keep up the good work!

SeaWife said...

Thank you Bridget! I like to idea of no kitchen bag....will try to implement. Xo