Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Fix a Bad Day

I have to fix a lot of things while SeaHusband is away.  (See previous post) But the one thing that "breaks" most frequently seems to be the most difficult to fix - my attitude.
Sometimes it's busted from the moment I crawl out of bed and am met with grumpy/poopy children and sometimes it the heat of Summer and the monotony of my "stay-at home" days that builds throughout the day and by 2pm I'm a hot headed woman with a redneck past and am ready for some serious road rage with the dip shit who is tailgating my grocery-getter. Always it leads to thoughts of SeaHusband and the life we choose to live - apart much of the time. There are a few things that work every time to calm my nerves and save the children from a grouchy Mom - Momster.

1) Exercise. A good sweat. The only way this is accomplished with two children is to keep my temper in check long enough to get them both changed/ pottied, bundled, snacked and buckled into the double stroller.  Then we get underway and I run my aggression out for 30 minutes or so and return feeling MUCH better.

2) We keep a certain space in our house clean and un- cluttered and use the space for yoga or meditation. It's amazing what 5 minutes of deep breathing in a quiet space can do. I can return to the kids/chaos with a clear mind and forage ahead with the domestic duties with a new attitude.

Sometimes there just isn't time for either of these things and I have to trundle ahead carrying my bad attitude on my shoulders. The last resort?  SMILE. Just fricking fake a smile for 5 minutes and see if it softens the Momster within. It usually does for me.  :) 

What do you do to fix your bad days?

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea you kept this!! Amazing. You are a Super Mom and also an amazing woman. Think of THAT during your grumpy Momster days!